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Beer Line Cooling

Gallagher Commercial Services sells and rents out the Kilkenny Beer Cooler. This market leading Cooler is ideal for all major stadia, pub chains, event centres and racecourses.

Choose from one of our five models below (Junior, Mini, Standard, Duel).

Junior -With a capacity of up to 8 tracks, the Junior is an entry-level chiller designed for small bars and restaurants.

Mini - The Mini is specially designed for low volume outlets with peak demand. It can cater for up to 16 tracks. This small chiller is perfect for small and medium sized bars and restaurants.

Standard - The Standard is suitable for the vast majority of beer cooling applications. It can accomodate anything up to 48 lines, in four body sizes:

  1. Standard 2-12 Lines
  2. Standard 12-24 Lines
  3. Standard 24-36 Lines
  4. Standard 36-48 Lines

Dual - The Dual model uses the same body as the standard, and suits applications where high cooling capacity or ultimate reliability are required. These are simply standard coolers which are equipped with two evaporator coils and two refrigeration units. The following capacities are available:

  1. Dual 2-12 Lines
  2. Dual 12-24 Lines
  3. Dual 24-36 Lines
  4. Dual 36-48 Lines

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